Dr. Alex Earl, ( DC )

Chiropractic Physician 

Dr. Earl specializes in helping athletes & active individuals overcome injuries in order to become the best version of themselves in their sport or event. Period.

By understanding competitive sports at all levels, Dr. Earl provides a unique approach which has achieved remarkable results since 2015, when the clinic first opened. This approach is called patient-centered and is hyper-focused on your goals.

Dr. Earl founded AHR Clinic with the intention of every patient receiving unrivaled 1-on-1 focused care. Providers map out a specific plan of action for each patient which cultivates remarkable results and avoids the most common frustrations in healthcare - wasting time & money.

By focusing on your goals, we are able to create an individualized plan and not a cookie-cutter program, which ultimately saves you valuable time & money.

Hundreds of active individuals, not just athletes on a team sport, have come to AHR Clinic in Carol Stream searching for more answers, guidance and a plan of action to help their specific needs. Patients have driven as far as 3.5 hours for appointments because of this unrivaled experience in our office.

Dr. Earl's interests include his relentless pursuit of learning, soccer, running, Liverpool FC and, most importantly, spending quality time with his wife and their four children. His family are active members at Church of the Resurrection in Wheaton.