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“Welcome to Illinois’ leading Sports Chiropractor that is PERFECT for Active Individuals Who DON’T Like Relying on Pain Meds Or Injections & Who Prefer NATURAL, Specialist Solutions to END Pain and Stiffness, So They Can Continue Competing in Athletic Events For Many Years To Come…”

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Most People Ask Our Patients & Clients What’s So Different and Special About Active Health & Restoration?”

Has traditional exercise outpatient PT or chiropractic “mills” let you down in the past? Those clinics are SO rushed to get you in and out the door because they have a quota to reach for the week, month and year. But don’t me wrong, they DO help a LOT of people every year all over the country.

My concern, though, was that as a former elite level soccer player, I felt insufficient at the standard PT clinics when I would be given the same colored dumbbell as the 80 year old across the clinic. (Nothing wrong with an 80 year lifting weights! I just felt like I was being restrained on actually getting better and the PT was “following the doctors instructions.”

Once I was done with PT, I was NOT physically ready to perform on the field. Worse, my soccer coaches & strength coaches could tell that I was still not ready to be playing competitively at a high level yet.

Frustrated, they sent me back to the PT. But I wasn’t in an pain…

So, the PT sent me to the strength coach to “get stronger”…

The strength coach didn’t feel comfortable putting me under a barbell with my current stiffness in my knee.

Can you see the problem here? I was in the “clinical grey area”, as we call in it our office. I was out of pain (so not the PTs problem anymore) but I was NOT physically able to play (so useless to the team). Strength coaches wouldn’t permit me to lift (so not their problem either). I had nowhere to go.

Perhaps you can relate to the carousel of providers you’ve been to about your pain? I can definitely relate.

So, I decided to open up a chiropractic and physical medicine clinic to serve this very specialized group of people. We know how to safely progress someone from the treatment table all the way up to their highest physical capabilities so when we send them back to their team, coaches, strength coaches, athletic trainers and medical providers know that YOU are ready to COMPETE.

So, to answer the question, “What makes Active Health & Restoration different from other chiropractic and physical therapy clinics?” I would have to say it is our ability to sync chiropractic & physical medicine in an unrivaled experience.

  • We meet you where you are. We plan strategic goals alongside you, and foster a relationship with you that cultivates results.
  • We also have specifically chosen to go “against the grain” so to speak when it comes to traditional chiropractic care.
  • We practice guideline adherent care. Which means, frankly, that if a treatment option has poor long-term effects, we don’t use it. If you are looking for cold laser, electric stimulation, hot/cold packs or fancy tables that vibrate… this is NOT the place for you.
  • We also give every patient a begin date and an end date to their treatment plan. I know, right! A chiropractor who doesn’t want to treat you FOREVER.
  • Any chiropractor that is selling you on a treatment plan without an end date is not practicing guideline adherent care in 2020…

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Who We Are

Active Health & Restoration is the trusted source for finding long-term, all natural solutions that fix problems from their core. We are the Chiropractic, Physical Medicine & Fitness team used by thousands of people each year from all over the DuPage County Area (especially Carol Stream, Glen Ellyn, and Wheaton) to get active and stay competing. We’re now one of the fastest growing private providers for athletic men and women in their 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, & 50’s and beyond who want to keep active and love to be healthy. The growth of our practice is a demonstration of the commitment we show to our patient’s health and recovery.

Our Chiropractic Physicians are trusted musculoskeletal experts and regularly present to other chiropractors, physical therapists, athletic trainers and strength coaches on the latest developments in health, performance and injury prevention. A significant percentage of our business is from returning clients who have sustained another injury down the road or who love to come back and get a “refresher” after we have completed our treatment program. We also receive many “self-referrals” via word of mouth or friends and family ‘recommendations’, as well as from other medical providers, such as orthopedic physicians, neurosurgeons, and chiropractic physicians that like the rehabilitation process done properly, without wasting time or money.

Our Vision   To redefine healthcare in our community.”

Our Mission – Active Health & Restoration is an industry-changing chiropractic company. AHR provides clinical education and individualized treatments to athletes (of all ages), along with individuals who have not achieved expected results through the traditional medical system. All this is done in a positive environment that cultivates results.

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Founded by Dr. Alex Earl


Dr. Earl specializes in helping athletes & active individuals overcome injuries in order to become the best version of themselves in their sport or event. Period.

By understanding competitive sports at all levels, Dr. Earl provides a unique approach which has achieved remarkable results since 2015, when the clinic first opened. This approach is called patient-centered and is hyper-focused on your goals.

Dr. Earl founded AHR Clinic with the intention of every patient receiving unrivaled 1-on-1 focused care. Providers map out a specific plan of action for each patient which cultivates remarkable results and avoids the most common frustrations in healthcare – wasting time & money.

By focusing on your goals, we are able to create an individualized plan and not a cookie-cutter program, which ultimately saves you valuable time & money.

Hundreds of active individuals, not just athletes on a team sport, have come to AHR Clinic in Carol Stream searching for more answers, guidance and a plan of action to help their specific needs. Patients have driven as far as 3.5 hours for appointments because of this unrivaled experience in our office.

Dr. Earl’s interests include his relentless pursuit of learning, soccer, running, Liverpool FC and, most importantly, spending quality time with his wife and their four children. His family are active members at Church of the Resurrection in Wheaton.

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“Find Out How People Just Like You, Came to Active Health & Restoration  – and Left Happier and Much Healthier!”



In Her 30’s, Glen Ellyn, IL

“The doctor recommended I come here. Really good and great atmosphere. Good energy, good people. It has allowed me to get back to the activities that I used to do before my injury.”



20’s, Wheaton, Wheaton, IL

“I believe that I wouldn’t be the athlete I am today if I hadn’t come in here and first got my shoulder treated, and then also continued to go through the performance sessions with Dr. Alex Earl.”



20’s, West Chicago, IL

“What I really love most about HR is that every day when I would come in, I was greeted with a smile and just ready to get after it. And I really felt like I was able to accomplish my goals and just really learn consistency with working out”

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