Being certified through the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI), Dr. Earl is able to thoroughly evaluate and identify swing characteristics that could be altering your golf game, or causing you some discomfort. By utilizing the Body-Swing analysis developed by TPI, Dr. Earl will be determined to keep you in optimal health, allowing you to continue to play the sport you love.


If you don’t test, it just a guess.

With the improvements made in modern technology, instantaneous video feedback can help speed up the assessment process. Identifying your swing characteristics is an important marker for longevity within your golf game. Additionally, we will identify each player’s physical limitations with a thorough Golf Screen.


Improve mobility first, then stability.

The assessment will tell us if you have a stability issue, a mobility issue, or an abnormal movement pattern. Some sports rehab corrections take longer than others (such as respiration), but this component is essential for keeping you healthy and able to play the game you love.


Did you have the desired outcome?

True rehabilitation and markedly improved sports performance are unmatched in physical medicine alone, but the sole focus of our sports medicine program. We utilize the “Assess, Correct, Re-assess” process to make sure that we are having the accurate effect towards our goals. After all, if we aren’t making any progress in your journey through sports rehab, what good is the assessment or the correction?