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Knee Pain

Expert Chiropractic Physician Advice for People Who Are Interested in Learning About Chiropractic & Physical Medicine for Knee Pain

This is a personal message from Leading Knee Expert and Sports Chiropractic Specialist Alex Earl:

If you are being slowed down by debilitating Knee Pain then I’d highly encourage you to continue reading on how to get REAL solutions, that you can count on being NATURAL and long-lasting.

Patients every week come to our office in Carol Stream with knee issues.

Usually knee pain starts off as something like a “tooth-ache” before progressing on to a more sharp or stabbing pain when running, cutting, or changing directions. Soon, it becomes a constant reminder and serious limitation of what we are able to do. If you’ve had knee surgery, the road to recovery could be significantly harder.

our options start to look less and less appealing but now it is more frequent. They include:

  • Rest
  • Pain Pills
  • Injections

Just so you know now…. that those treatments NEVER get to the root cause of the pain, they only “mask” the pain, leading you to short-term solutions and long-term problems.

Over my 5 years+ treating these conditions I’ve seen many people “resting” their knee, and they just deal with the pain, the swelling and loss of competition time that comes with the pain.

Whether you’ve come looking for a better solution to end your nagging or severe knee pain or you are just looking for NEW, better ways to exercise and stay active that will keep your knee problems from getting any worse, then this could be the most important message you read all year.

What most people DON’T know… including GP’s, is that there ARE things that can be done that will allow you to exercise and stay active, this can be achieved WITHOUT any knee pain, swelling or stiffness, WITHOUT fear of making things worse.

Different combinations of knee braces, anti-inflammatories, pain killers and rest are not the only option and they are DEFINITELY NOT the answer to stopping the daily torment of dealing with knee pain. Injections or surgery don’t have to be either.

I know a much healthier way to achieve the relief you are searching for…

If You are Continually Worried About Knee Pain And You Want Solutions That Will Generate Results and Get You Back to Running & Competing At Your Highest Level, Then I have GREAT News for You…..

There Is Hope…

Before we go any further discussing how I can help you, let me first make it crystal clear that I am NOT like any of the other chiropractors or physical therapists out there, including the guys affiliated with large hospital systems and “mill like” clinics - both chiropractic & PT!

You should know that the advice & treatment strategies given by me and our team are NOTHING like the advice and treatment given out by others or any PCP – simply because I’m a Specialist in chiropractic & physical medicine for knee pain and I have been HELPING people in their 20s, 30s,40s & up to recover from knee pain fast, on a daily basis for 5+ years.

You can rest assured knowing everything I do is personalized, specific AND specialized. THAT is the kind of care that works BEST, works FASTEST and what most people are hoping for when they come to this page.

Don’t worry, I have time for you and you don’t have to ever feel rushed like you do when going to see some doctors, as if you are just a number being shuttled out the door. Your health and your concerns are important to me and I want to hear all about them because my goal is help you recover, get playing & competing again in a QUICK and NATURAL way.

Knee issues rarely get better with rest, even though the pain level may drop for brief period of time, it often returns with a vengeance when you go out for a light jog, go to something fun that keeps you on your feet for extended time or when you just try to get back into your active routine.

If resting often makes it come back worse, then what can you get from a bout of pain meds? The first week can take some edge off the pain so you can feel more comfortable moving around when you start with some manual therapy for knee pain to treat the root cause. What SHOULD happen is that people are given CLEAR and PRECISE instructions to get to quality care ASAP for a real solution to what caused the knee pain in the first place, because relying on medication to resolve the problem is never going to fix it.

Pain killers, injections, rest, generic exercises or stretches… the list goes on.. These are not the solution and, unfortunately, many people are suffering with unnecessary knee pain because the advice they have been given is not personalized and customized to their specific needs, goals and expectations.

If you want to be active and get healthy again naturally, then I want you to have access help and expert advice immediately, WITHOUT any cost or payment needed.

Here's Who I Can Help

What I want you to know about my Chiropractic & Physical Medicine practice is that we don’t claim that we can help EVERYONE. But if you are age 20 – 45 and you can say “YES” to any of the following , then you are right to be looking for a Knee Pain Specialist’s advice and I can say that you are looking in the right place for it:

  • If you’ve already had knee surgery, and you still don’t feel like “yourself” PRIOR to the procedure. (Post-op ACL athlete’s LOVE our results, even after “completing outpatient PT at another place).
  • You aren’t a fan of pain killers or injections to get around as a Band-Aid, nor do you like to get generic information on purposeless exercises often given out by mill type clinic PT’s.
  • If you’re struggling to get in a run or walk without feeling the effects of knee pain like stiffness, dull ache or swelling.
  • You believe that it’s JUST arthritis or you’ve been told that joint degeneration is the cause and that has no treatment.
  • You’re experiencing severe pain or swelling during or after you simply walk with friends. (For good reason, please seek advice immediately)
  • You are hoping to AVOID knee surgery for as long as possible and don’t want to take a back seat to pain.
  • You value your health and the enjoyment that you get out of maintaining a healthy lifestyle way too much to risk long-term pain issues and you want to get expert advice immediately.
  • You’ve got no idea what’s happening or why and you are just concerned that you may be getting worse, you are worried about how long it’s gone on and you want to know exactly what’s happening and how long it will take to resolve and what real solutions can be done to sort it out.

...Great news, if you can say “YES” to any of those, then I am going to be able to help you like you hope.

If You Are Here Looking For A Specialist in Sports Chiropractic & Physical Medicine, To Provide The Best Advice And Give You Hands On Treatment For Quickly Easing Pain, To Help You Personally Get Back To Your Athletic Goals, Giving You The RIGHT Exercises To Help You Run Faster, Further & For Longer Periods, Then Here is What I Can Do For You...

I have a proven solution that works for easing pain and ending knee ailments, fast. It will allow you to run faster, further AND exercise longer, staying active WITHOUT the use of pain killers or painful injections. Whether your pain is severe at this point or has just begun to nag, it will let you find more ENJOYMENT in life, faster and longer lasting than any other way.

Specialized “Hands on” Manual treatment involves us using the BEST techniques to bring the quickest resolution to your suffering and get you on the right track to full recovery. We will need to look at the surrounding joints in the area to make sure the ankle, hips and lower back are not causing undue stress on the knees. While correcting any contributing problems we will give you the BEST exercises, specific to you, that will make the FASTEST improvements in your life. If it happens in days, it would NOT surprise me.

If that sounds like something that you would be interested in then make a simple, no hassle inquiry on cost and availability.

Or, if you are wanting to speed up the process call (630) 765 0575 NOW to book an appointment with the specialist.


Before you do that, you should know that:

“We have a 100% Money Back Guarantee on EVERYTHING we do

No matter what treatment option you chose, you're always protected by our unwavering, 100% money-back guarantee that works like this:

  • If you don't absolutely love our sessions together, for whatever reason, you can ask for the session to be “on us.” No problem. No forms to fill out or hoops to jump through.
  • If you don't, for whatever reason, feel like our customer service listened to your issues or complaints completely and acted cheerfully, and quickly resolved your issue, we will waive your appointment fee with no questions asked.
  • That means you can say "yes" now and decide later. You really have nothing to lose.

For people who are just browsing for REAL information and not quite ready to start hands on treatment, they are looking for helpful advice, I have put together a compilation of some Health tips.. the kind only given out by Experts in their field, tools that you can use in your home, on your own to start ending your worries immediately..

If that is you, then you’re in luck!

I have compiled a list of the MOST important characteristics of knee pain and their common causes, what to avoid when you are sitting for longer than 20 min

It’s titled..

”Thee 7 ESSENTIAL Facts to End Knee Pain”

If you are EAGER to get started right now and simply cannot wait with this eGuide.. I want you to know that the information is valued at $49… But I want you to have it RIGHT now for FREE. I am doing this because when I sat down and wrote it, I had people like YOU in mind. This is specifically for YOU.

It’s because I have become so frustrated with the number of people unnecessarily suffering with nagging knee pain that I have written and published this comprehensive 11 page report that ANY person age 20+ can use to relieve knee pain – (check out page 4) you’d be amazed at how much relief people get from that one page.

I can’t promise that what has worked for my clients over the last 5 years will work for you but I can guarantee that reading this report will be better than “resting” another day.

Just imagine for a few seconds how life would be in ONE year if you DON’T get control of your knee pain now! What will life be like when you can’t go full-tilt when your next season starts up again because you're worried about the cutting, jumping, pivoting and landing you might have to do.

Will you be a fun person to live with/be around? How will you be at school? How will you feel if you lose your self-worth and confidence because of knee pain? You get my drift..

So, the next important thing for you to do is to take action.

Here Are Your Best Options to Take Action & Decide if We Are Right For You:

  • Call our office at (630) 765 0575 to schedule a time to talk with a Knee Specialist.
  • Download your FREE Breakthrough Guide and Use the Tips & Insights included to get some RELIEF NOW. There are only a limited number of copies available free upon request – so please do it today.


Alex Earl, DC

Author and Leading Back Specialist in Illinois.

“Find Out How People Just Like You, Came to Active Health & Restoration  - and Left Happier and Much Healthier!”



In Her 30's, Glen Ellyn, IL

"The doctor recommended I come here. Really good and great atmosphere. Good energy, good people. It has allowed me to get back to the activities that I used to do before my injury."



In His 20's, Wheaton, IL

"I injured my ACL LCL, MCL and meniscus while playing soccer. Alex tries to keep you on the field on the court or still playing while you're trying to heal and try and recover. I always come to see him."



20's, West Chicago, IL

"What I really love most about HR is that every day when I would come in, I was greeted with a smile and just ready to get after it. And I really felt like I was able to accomplish my goals and just really learn consistency with working out"

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