1. 6 Simple Tips for a Healthy, Fun, Active Summer

    From road trips to golfing to throwing the frisbee at the park, summertime is when people emerge from hibernation to enjoy the great outdoors in and around the Chicago area. While staying active is a huge health benefit, an active lifestyle can sometimes lead to musculoskeletal pain and injury. Yet there are easy steps you can take to help ensure a safe, healthy, and fun summer for you and your l…Read More

  2. Treating Common Golf Injuries

    There are so many beautiful golf courses to enjoy in the Greater Chicago Area, many of which are easily accessible from our Carol Stream offices. Our chiropractor, Dr. Earl has always been an avid athlete, golf enthusiast, and supporter of those that strive to enjoy this incredible pastime. While golf is far from a contact sport, there are still plenty of ways to injure oneself while enjoying thi…Read More

  3. Recovering from an Athletic Injury

    Nobody wants to be injured, but athletes are especially impacted from the loss of movement and strenuous activity. If you participate in a physical activity recreationally or at a competitive level, then you have undoubtedly dealt with your fair share of injuries already. Today, Active Health & Restoration will cover the basics of how to recover from athletic injuries large and small. Getting …Read More

  4. Everyone Is An Athlete.

    The guiding philosophy behind our Carol Stream chiropractic clinic is simple: Everyone is an athlete. While this may sound confusing at first, this principle basically boils down to the fact that each of us needs to be able to use our bodies to their fullest potential to live healthy lives, whether that means pushing them to limits on and off the field or just getting through the day without pain …Read More

  5. Welcome! (Again): Restored notion of blogging

    For those of you who recall, I started a blog a few years ago, while I was in chiropractic school. I ended up entering only a few entries before getting swamped with exams, a baby, more exams... and more babies.. Recently, I have been rejuvenated by the blogging culture. Along with this restored notion of blogging, I realized I needed to update/modify my own blog to keep up with everything that is…Read More